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Dr. Nathan Kaehler, DACM, LAc


      Beginning at age 19, Nathan served three decades in executive roles of non-profit agencies devoted to in-home health care, reproductive health care, water management and volunteerism. 
       Fifteen years ago he received a fellowship to study mind/body therapies for adults with health problems. He received his MA in Psychology from Antioch University Santa Barbara and did doctoral study at the Fielding Institute Santa Barbara. While researching body-centered psychotherapies and their overlap with classical Chinese medicine, he became interested in Chinese medical psychiatry, studying an additional 4 years at Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine. He completed his Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2019 at Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego. He has also completed a 3-year curriculum in Tibetan Medicine and is now doing advanced studies in Tibetan Medicine (to complete the Kachupa Degree) with the Tibetan Medicine Education Center in Geneva, Switzerland. 
       He has practiced classical Chinese medicine for 20 years (offices in Ojai and Beverly Hills), wrote a column on herbs in the Ojai Valley News for 4 years, and is preparing a textbook on medicinal herbs. He enjoys studying Chinese and Tibetan language with the goal of understanding medical texts in those languages. He also really, really loves plants!  In addition to his professional involvement with medicinal herbs he has had a lifelong intimate relationship with plants including organic gardening, heirloom vegetable preservation, cooking and woodworking.

Owner, Licensed Acupuncturist, past 20 years
     Ojai Herb & Acupuncture Inc, Ojai, California
Faculty and Clinical Supervisor     
     Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine
Staff Acupuncturist/Herbalist:     
     New Seasons Recovery, Port Hueneme
     Toltec Living Center, Santa Barbara

DACM, Doctor of Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine
      Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, San Diego
Tibetan Amchi
      Tibetan Medicine Education Center, Geneva, Switzerland
M.A. Oriental Medicine
      Santa Barbara College of Oriental Medicine
Leadership Fellowship-Clinical Psychology
      Archibald Bush Foundation, St. Paul, MN
M.A. Clinical Psychology
      Antioch University, Santa Barbara
Doctoral Study, Clinical Psychology  
      The Fielding Institute, Santa Barbara


Author “Herbs and Supplements” column   
       Ojai Valley News (2005-2009)
Master’s Theses:     
       “Traditional Chinese herb formulas for DSM-IV psychological disorders”  
       "Meditation as an adjunct to health-related psychotherapy”
Protocol for alcohol and drug detoxification assisted by Traditional Chinese Medicine
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